Hong Kong – Chinese Treasure Land For Console Games

As a special administrative region, Hong Kong’s gaming industry is very flourishing. It can be recognized as the game players’ Paradise. Just follow me to learn more about Hong Kong’s gaming industry.

As explained above, HK’s gaming industry develops very well. It correlates to its history, regional culture and economic structure closely. Here I will explain them to you one by one.

1) History
As everybody knows that HK used to be a British colony. Admittedly, foreign gaming industry’s development is better than China. Under British rule, Hong Kong had an opportunity to experience the superior techno-culture of Western countries, console game technologies included. This set a foundation for HK to develop console game industry in the future.

2) Regional culture
HK, as a special administrative region, has many preferential policies in developing console game industry. All these preferential policies help HK to remove the artificially imposed obstacles that appears during the process of console game’s development. By contrast, many other parts of China, especially in Mainland China don’t have the same preferential policies as Hong Kong.

3) Economic structure
HK’s tourism has grown tremendously these years. Tourists from all over the world are now arriving in Hong Kong in bigger numbers. And it’s well-known that overseas consoles cost a lot, such as ds lite console and Microsoft portable console. Not every one can afford it. So HK people think it’s a great business opportunity to promote made-in HK consoles or used consoles, such as ds lite console and ds lite refurbished consoles. The ultimate truth is that they have made a good decision.

HK is a good place not only for console sellers but also for console game

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